Masseter BOTOX® vs. Jawline Filler: How Do They Compare?


Explore Different Approaches for Enhancing the Lower Face in the New Jersey Area

A jawline that is well-defined is typically considered youthful and attractive, but aging, genetics, an overbite, and other factors can cause the jawbone structure to appear weak or recessed. On the other hand, overuse of the masseter muscles in the jaw can cause these muscles to become enlarged, resulting in a heavier or squarer appearance.If you are searching for ways to achieve a more sculpted jaw, jawline fillers and masseter BOTOX® in the New Jersey area are two of the most popular strategies for improving the definition or shape of the jaw area.


Curious about the similarities and differences between these two trending treatments? We can help you decide which approach is best suited for you.

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Masseter Muscle BOTOX® Facts: How Does Masseter BOTOX® Compare to Jawline Fillers?

Masseter BOTOX® is a non-surgical botulinum toxin muscle relaxer treatment that can reduce pronounced bands on the neck (called platysmal bands) and help to prevent the muscles from pulling down the skin in unwanted ways. Masseter BOTOX® can also reduce the appearance of jaw muscles. The injectable has a jaw slimming effect that can give the lower face a more defined or contoured appearance, as well as a slimmer, more heart-shaped or oval look. BOTOX® for TMJ, BOTOX® for jaw clenching, BOTOX® for teeth grinding, and BOTOX® for jowls are other common lower face treatments possible with this injectable.

Dermal fillers work differently. These injectable gels add volume and allow for precise contouring. Many fillers have a hyaluronic acid base, but some types also stimulate collagen growth in the skin.

Masseter BOTOX® and fillers can often be combined. BOTOX® is usually better for subtle enhancements of the jawline, while fillers can provide more enhanced volume.

Which BOTOX® Treatments Are Available Aside from Masseter BOTOX®?

Masseter BOTOX® at South Jersey Skin Care is just one of many neuromodulator treatment options available. This versatile treatment can be used for numerous other concerns on the face and body.

  • Forehead BOTOX® is available for softening frown lines and forehead wrinkles.
  • Hooded eye BOTOX® can provide a slight lift to drooping eyebrows to open up the eyes.
  • Under eyes BOTOX® softens wrinkles below the eyes.
  • Chin BOTOX® reduces dimples on the chin area.
  • Nose BOTOX® softens lines beside the nose bridge that show when you crinkle your nose.
  • Trapezius BOTOX® provides relief for discomfort in the neck and shoulders.
  • BOTOX® for migraines helps with chronic migraine headaches.

Note that some practices offer underarm BOTOX® to improve symptoms associated with excessive sweating, but South Jersey Skin Care & Laser Center uses miraDry® as a solution to the problem of excess sweat and odor.

BOTOX® on Masseter Muscles: Are There Ways of Enhancing the Lower Face Other Than Masseter BOTOX®?

In addition to dermal fillers and masseter BOTOX®, there are also other options for sculpting or improving the appearance of the jaw and chin area. CoolSculpting® is a non-surgical treatment that involves using low temperatures to reduce fat cells in a specific part of the body. This treatment is commonly used for the area between the chin and neck to minimize a double chin. Endolift® is a laser treatment that can tighten skin on the jaw area for a more sculpted look.

If you have questions about masseter injection cost or are looking for “BOTOX® and fillers near me,” we can provide answers.

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