What Is BOTOX® for Migraines?


The New Jersey Area’s South Jersey Skin Care Does Not Offer Neuromodulator Injections for Chronic Headaches, but Explains the Process for Curious Patients

Migraines are the most common cause of disabling, recurring headache pain. They can vary from moderate to severe in intensity. They may affect a particular spot on the head, neck, or face area—and can sometimes impact all of the above. Though BOTOX® is widely known for its ability to reduce wrinkles, it is also useful for treating headaches. People often ask about BOTOX® for migraines at our New Jersey-based practice, and while we don’t provide the service, we can share here some information about how it prevents headaches and migraines before they occur so that people who live with chronic migraines can function better overall.


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BOTOX® and Migraines: How Do BOTOX® Injections for Migraines Work?

BOTOX® is derived from a neurotoxin called botulinum toxin type A. The resulting treatment has both cosmetic and medical benefits.

BOTOX® for migraines is a powerful, non-surgical botulinum toxin treatment for both chronic migraines and certain tension-type headaches. This is the same injectable that is used to reduce wrinkles and address similar aesthetic concerns.

BOTOX® for migraines is injected into multiple muscles on the head and neck. It is also sometimes injected into “trigger points” where the migraine pain is believed to originate. BOTOX® has been shown to have a calming effect on headaches.

When you’re having a migraine, neurotransmitters and molecules associated with pain are released. BOTOX® for migraines disrupts the transmission of these pain-associated chemicals.

Keep in mind that it can take some time before you begin to experience relief from headaches. After around four weeks, patients may notice a reduction in the frequency of their migraine headaches and the severity of their symptoms. They may also have a higher tolerance to triggers. Sometimes multiple sets of “BOTOX® for migraines” injections may be needed to maximize results.

BOTOX® for migraines is intended to help you avoid an average of eight to nine headache days or migraine days a month.

Which Muscle-Relaxing Treatments Are Available Other Than BOTOX® for Migraines?

There are an many other types of medical and cosmetic BOTOX® treatments, including:

  • Forehead BOTOX® to soften wrinkles on the forehead area.
  • Hooded eye BOTOX® to provide a subtle lift to the eyebrows.
  • Under eyes BOTOX® to minimize under eye wrinkles.
  • Chin BOTOX® to reduce chin wrinkles.
  • Masseter BOTOX® to alleviate jaw muscle pain and improve the shape of a heavy or square jawline.
  • Nose BOTOX® to soften wrinkles or fine lines that appear diagonally at the sides of the nose.
  • Underarm BOTOX® to reduce excessive sweating. (We do not offer this treatment.)

Some people are curious about trapezius BOTOX® for sculpting a slimmer neck and shoulders. We do not offer this treatment either, but do recognize that patients may want to learn about it. Ask us any questions, including advice on BOTOX® costs and other aspects of the procedure, by setting up a consultation.

What Is Available Aside from BOTOX® Treatment for Migraines?

Have you been looking up “BOTOX® and fillers near me” or “BOTOX® for migraines near me?” If you’re seeking treatments to achieve a more youthful look, South Jersey Skin Care offers a full range of cosmetic procedures, including BOTOX®, the hyaluronic acid-based Juvederm® dermal filler collection, laser skin resurfacing treatments, chemical peels, PDO threads, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and microneedling. We may be able to make recommendations to other providers for anyone seeking migraine-specific care.

While we don′t offer BOTOX® for migraines at our New Jersey-based practice, feel free to contact South Jersey Skin Care online or by phone at (856) 810-9888 to request a consultation for cosmetic options.