Improve Deep Creases, Dimples, and Lower Face Sagging with Injectables in the New Jersey Area

Sometimes the natural aging process results in wrinkles and dimples forming on the lower face. When the muscle underneath contracts too much, it can create the appearance of dimples across the chin that makes some people feel self-conscious or that they look older than they are. Chin wrinkles can take on different forms, as the underlying muscles will affect how these dynamic wrinkles are shaped—and repetitive movements may cause them to become more pronounced. Chin BOTOX® at the New Jersey area’s South Jersey Skin Care & Laser Center can target several areas on or around the chin to provide a smoother, more youthful appearance.


Dimpled Chin BOTOX®: What are the Benefits of Chin BOTOX®?

BOTOX® can stop action in the underlying muscle when injected directly into the chin muscles. It works by preventing the nerves from signalling the treated muscles to contract. This is effective for several types of wrinkles on the chin.

Note that chin BOTOX® or BOTOX® for the lower face are considered off-label uses, but are commonly performed around the country by experienced injectors. As with any other type of BOTOX® treatment, you will typically be a good candidate if you are in good overall health and have realistic expectations regarding the results.

Thinking of getting BOTOX® for a double chin? The injectable does nothing to reduce fat, but jawline BOTOX® can give this area a more chiselled look. BOTOX® under the chin or double chin BOTOX® can improve the appearance of a double chin caused by loose skin or sagging muscles by encouraging the area to appear “tighter.”

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BOTOX® in the Chin Affecting Smiles: What You Should Know

Chin BOTOX® treatments or DAO muscle BOTOX® typically won’t affect your smile, unless the medication is injected in an incorrect area or too much of it is used, causing an uneven smile that may last for months. This is a very uncommon side effect, but you should always go to an experienced, qualified injector to ensure that you achieve optimal results and minimize your risk of unwanted effects.

Which Cosmetic Procedures Are Available Aside from Chin BOTOX®?

Have you been looking up “BOTOX® near me?” Aside from chin BOTOX®, there are also many other types of BOTOX® treatments for the skin and body.

  • Forehead BOTOX® reduces forehead wrinkles.
  • BOTOX® around the eyes reduces crow’s feet.
  • Under-eyes BOTOX® softens wrinkles below the eyes and protruding muscles that can be seen when you’re squinting or smiling.
  • Masseter BOTOX® gives the jawline a narrower or softened shape by reducing enlarged jaw muscles. (Note that this is not available at our practice.)
  • Nose BOTOX® treats bunny lines.
  • Trapezius BOTOX® makes the shoulders and neck look leaner. (Note that this is not available at our practice.)

Our practice does not offer medical-based neuromodulator treatments, but many patients benefit from underarm BOTOX® for excessive sweating and BOTOX® for migraines. We can advise you on everything you will need to know about the procedure, including BOTOX® costs, as well as make recommendations if you are interested in these applications.

Which Aesthetic Treatments Complement BOTOX®?

Individuals who want to address signs of aging often start by searching for “BOTOX® and fillers near me.” Our South Jersey Skin Care team offers several approaches for treating wrinkles in addition to chin BOTOX®. Facial fillers, such as the hyaluronic acid-based Juvederm® dermal filler collection, add volume or fullness to reshape the face or minimize wrinkles.

There are also other skin rejuvenation options, like laser skin resurfacing treatments, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and microneedling. These work differently from chin BOTOX® as they enhance the skin tone and texture by addressing other types of concerns that you can’t treat with BOTOX® alone.

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*We are all different! Patient results may vary.