BOTOX® Brow Lift


A Subtle Lift to the Eyebrows for a More Refreshed and Wide-Eyed Look in the New Jersey Area

Although BOTOX® is well-known for its ability to reduce crow’s feet and forehead lines, patients are often unaware of some of the less talked about benefits of this treatment. A BOTOX® brow lift in the New Jersey area—at South Jersey Skin Care & Laser Center—is a way of temporarily achieving a more bright-eyed and refreshed appearance, even if you haven’t had a full night’s sleep in a while.


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What Does a BOTOX® Brow Lift Do?

When there is sagging of the eyebrows and soft tissue surrounding the eyes, hooded eyes can develop. Although this won’t cause health problems, people often find the look to be aesthetically displeasing. If you have hooded eyes, know that a BOTOX® brow lift is a botulinum toxin injection treatment that can be a quick, non-surgical way of lifting your eyebrows without surgery.

Beyond BOTOX® Brow Lifts: Which Other Areas Can You Treat with BOTOX®?

Along with a BOTOX® brow lift, there are many other types of BOTOX® treatments for the face and body. Forehead BOTOX® reduces horizontal wrinkles above the brows—ideal for someone also treating other signs of aging in the area—while crow’s Feet BOTOX® softens fine lines beside the eyes. For BOTOX® around the eyes, other treatments include under eyes BOTOX® to reduce wrinkles beneath them.

Masseter BOTOX® gives the jawline a narrower appearance to improve the look of a square jaw. This is considered a form of face slimming BOTOX®. Higher up, nose BOTOX® lifts a drooping nose tip, prevents the nostrils from flaring too much, or reduces bunny lines.

BOTOX® for smile lines improves pronounced nasolabial folds, chin BOTOX® improves a dimpled or pitted skin texture, and trapezius BOTOX® gives the shoulders and neck a slimmer, more delicate, and elongated appearance.

There are also many medical benefits associated with BOTOX®, aside from its cosmetic uses like brow lift BOTOX®. Though these medical procedures are not offered at our practice, it can be helpful to understand more about them. Underarm BOTOX® helps to reduce sweating in the underarms, and BOTOX® for migraines provides relief for severe pain.

Which Cosmetic Treatments Are Available in Addition to BOTOX® Eyebrow Lift?

Are you searching for more about specific aspects of this treatment, such as “Brow lift BOTOX® cost,” “Brow lift BOTOX® and pregnancy,” or “How to find brow lift BOTOX® Near Me?” We can explain more about BOTOX® (such as how we will never give injections to a pregnant patient) during your consultation.

Aside from facts about a BOTOX® brow lift, there are also other cosmetic treatments for reducing signs of aging on the upper face, such as laser skin resurfacing treatments, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and microneedling.

Juvéderm® and other hyaluronic filler collections add plumpness and volume when injected below the skin, unlike BOTOX®, which relaxes the underlying muscles. With this approach, fillers can improve the look of deep static wrinkles or the symmetry and balance of the face.

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