BOTOX® and Pregnancy: What You Should Know About Avoiding This Combo!


Explore Why You Should Skip Injectables When Pregnant or Breastfeeding in the New Jersey Area

Can you get BOTOX® when pregnant? What do patients need to know about BOTOX® and pregnancy? The New Jersey-based team at South Jersey Skin Care & Laser Center knows patients may be wondering how to approach BOTOX® treatments when they’re expecting, as well as after pregnancy.


The short answer is that pregnancy and muscle-relaxing treatments don’t mix, but we can provide more detailed explanations about the problems with BOTOX® and pregnancy when you meet with us.

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BOTOX® and Pregnancy: Is It Safe to Have BOTOX® When Pregnant?

Are you curious about BOTOX® and pregnancy? BOTOX® injections, which are treatments containing muscle-relaxing botulinum toxin, are a popular way of getting a more refreshed look. Introducing the formula into specific areas of the face minimizes contractions, resulting in a smoother, less-wrinkled appearance.

When it comes BOTOX® and pregnancy, we recommend avoiding the injectable if you’re currently pregnant or breastfeeding. Generally speaking, BOTOX® and pregnancy should not mix. Since it is still not clear whether an unborn baby could be harmed by the treatment, we will not provide BOTOX® for cosmetic reasons (or otherwise) when you’re pregnant.

Which Areas Can You Enhance with BOTOX®?

If you have been researching BOTOX® during or after pregnancy, you are likely aware that there are many possible treatments involving BOTOX® that you can choose—once you are no longer pregnant or nursing, of course.

Though not available from our practice, there are also some medical treatments associated with BOTOX®, such as BOTOX® for migraines to help manage the pain and frequency of migraines. The FDA has recommended that if treating medical conditions with BOTOX® while the patient is pregnant, the benefits would need to outweigh any risk to the fetus.

Beyond BOTOX® and Pregnancy: Which Other Cosmetic Treatments Are Available?

BOTOX® cost” and “BOTOX® Near Me” are two of the most common searches for people who are interested in the treatment. Our South Jersey Skin Care team provides treatments that complement BOTOX®, such as laser skin resurfacing treatments, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and microneedling.

RHA® and other hyaluronic filler collections work differently from BOTOX®, in that they add fullness or volume to reduce deep static wrinkles or improve the general contours of features of the face. Just as the case is with BOTOX® and pregnancy, it’s recommended that you wait until you have finished breastfeeding to have facial fillers.

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