Fractional Micro Needle RF in Mt. Laurel, NJ

On their own, microneedling and radiofrequency can be quite effective at rejuvenating the skin, but when these cosmetic dermatology treatments are paired together, the results can be even more dramatic. That is the idea behind Vivace, available in New Jersey at South Jersey Skin Care & Laser Center.

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Vivace™ Micro Needle RF stimulates healing processes in the skin two proven ways: by triggering wound repair processes via the creation of micro channels, and by simultaneously introducing radiofrequency energy to stimulate collagen production. This “one-two” punch knocks out many visible signs of aging and gives the treated skin an overall look of brightness and vitality.

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Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Robin Levin and the team of skin care specialists at South Jersey Skin Care & Laser Center are happy to offer Vivace in New Jersey. Click here to schedule an appointment or consultation. If you prefer, you may also contact us directly at 856-810-9888.

How Does Vivace Work?

Microneedling works by using numerous tiny needles to generate hundreds to thousands of incredibly small wounds in the skin—none large enough to prompt scar formation, but all significant enough to promote revitalization.

Radiofrequency energy, when absorbed by the skin, generates heat, which encourages cells to create fresh collagen.

Vivace pairs these two strategies, so that in addition to the needles creating micro channels, they also serve as a delivery mechanism for the RF energy. Though the skin is relatively thin, it is a remarkably complex organ. The needles in a Vivace device allow for the precise delivery of RF energy to 31 separate layers.

The motor powering each Vivace Micro Needle RF session is also part of the treatment’s draw, given that it allows patients to enjoy a more comfortable experience. In total, a single session typically lasts about 45 minutes. Expect the skin to be sensitive and red for a short while after the treatment, but know that side effects common to the treatment resolve on their own.

Learn the benefits of Vivace™ at New Jersey’s South Jersey Skin Care & Laser Center.

Vivace at New Jersey’s South Jersey Skin Care & Laser Center blends microneedling with RF energy to provide double the skin-rejuvenating power. Fine needles create micro channels to prompt natural healing processes while also delivering radiofrequency energy below the surface to kickstart renewed collagen creation. Results are cumulative, with each new session reducing wrinkles, acne scars, and pores while smoothing and brightening the skin.

How Many Vivace Treatments Are Necessary?

A single Vivace session will begin the collagen stimulation process for skin rejuvenation, but ideal results are commonly seen after three treatments. The effects of the treatments—which should be spaced at least a month apart—are cumulative, with each new application of energy encouraging more collagen production for smoother, firmer, and clearer skin.

Fractional micro-needling with RF in South New Jersey
*Results may vary.

How Long Will Vivace Results Last?

Collagen production is not a quick process, so many patients enjoy rejuvenating effects that continue to improve their appearance for up to six months after a Vivace™ treatment. The skin will continue to age from that point on. Women and men interested in maintaining their results can talk to the South Jersey Skin Care & Laser Center team about an ongoing treatment schedule, as well as other strategies for a long-lasting look of rejuvenation.

What Can Complement a Vivace Treatment?

Collagen-induction therapy is a rejuvenating treatment that uses the healing elements from a patient’s own blood to revitalize the skin. It can also be applied after a Vivace session to further enhance results by creating a “trifecta” of collagen-induction therapy, microneedling, and RF energy.

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