Dermaplaning in South Jersey


Get Fresh, Healthy-Looking, Glowing Skin

Unwanted peach fuzz and dull skin can be a problem that keeps patients from feeling their best. Dermaplaning at South Jersey Skin Care & Laser Center offers a quick and safe solution that smooths out and revitalizes the complexion while removing vellus hair.

Dr. Robin Levin offers the treatment at her practice as part of her ongoing commitment to providing a range of options for women and men who want to improve the look and quality of their skin, but who are seeking an noninvasive alternative to more involved methods and techniques. Dermaplaning has proven to be a popular choice with patients who enjoy its cosmetic benefits, as well as the minimal investment of time required.


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What Is Dermaplaning?

Officially known as dermaplaning, this technique is also called “facial shaving,” because it involves the careful application of a blade—in this case, a scalpel—to the face, primarily to eliminate hair. At South Jersey Skin Care & Laser Center, a trained specialist will go over the skin to be treated with light, feathering strokes. The gentle pressure applied with a downward motion removes vellus hair (that fine peach fuzz mentioned earlier) and abrades the skin, exfoliating it to remove the dead, outermost layer where oil, dirt, and debris create a dull appearance.

The removal of this layer via dermaplaning provides an immediate benefit, as clear, healthy skin is allowed to shine. Results will continue to improve in the following days, as the dermaplaning process also encourages greater elasticity in the skin and the continued shedding of dead cells.

As a treatment, the entire dermaplaning process typically lasts between 15 and 30 minutes. Since there are no incisions or other invasive steps required, downtime is unnecessary.

Patients who choose dermaplaning get the added benefit of exposed skin that readily absorbs hydrating and nourishing serums to further improve their results.

Note that some patients worry that shaving away the peach fuzz will encourage it to grow back thicker or darker. This does not happen, as vellus hair eventually returns the same as it was before.

What Can Complement a Dermaplaning Session?

While dermaplaning is compatible with a variety of treatments, it pairs particularly well with injectables, like BOTOX® and dermal fillers, that address wrinkles, creases, and volume loss. Our licensed medical technician also routinely pairs it with chemical peels. When used together, these treatments can revitalize an entire face. The key is working with skin specialists, like the team at South Jersey Skin Care & Laser Center, who know how the various options complement each other and can impact different regions of the face to create a harmoniously whole fresh look.

Other complementary treatments to dermaplaning include microdermabrasion, which removes dead skin to reveal fresh, younger-looking skin below. Another option is microneedling, which creates numerous micro-channels in the skin without removing any layers. Each of these channels encourages healing in the surrounding tissue, prompting the whole face to improve itself.

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*We are all different! Patient results may vary.