Is It a Good Idea to Combine BOTOX® and Fillers Near Me?


Consider Pairing Aesthetic Treatments to Enhance Results in the New Jersey Area

People who search for “BOTOX® and fillers near me in the New Jersey area” may be wondering whether they are a good candidate for either of these cosmetic treatments on their own. At South Jersey Skin Care & Laser Center, we can help you to determine whether these options are appropriate standalone choices for you—or whether you could benefit from combining BOTOX® and fillers to maximize results.


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What Are the Benefits of Combining BOTOX® and Fillers Near Me?

When you perform a search for “BOTOX® and fillers near me,” you may discover that even though both injectables are effective treatments for wrinkles, each of them has unique benefits and works differently. Sometimes patients who look up “fillers and BOTOX® near me” may assume that these injectables are the same, but that’s far from the case.

Juvederm® and other hyaluronic filler collections are injected into the skin to add volume, unlike BOTOX®, which relaxes muscles. Adding volume with fillers not only works to reduce wrinkles, but also to enhance the balance and harmony of the face by providing lift and more youthful contours. With this in mind, combining “BOTOX® and fillers near me” has many advantages, such as providing more comprehensive wrinkle reduction, since each injectable can target a specific sign of aging.

If you have been wondering, “How much does BOTOX® cost?” or “What is the cost of dermal fillers near me?” we can explain more when you meet with us.

BOTOX® and Fillers Near Me: What Kind of Common Issues Can Fillers Help With?

Fillers can reduce nasolabial folds, perioral lines, and marionette lines. They can also add volume to the lips and cheeks, shape the jawline, and provide other benefits.

BOTOX® and Fillers Near Me: Which Areas Can BOTOX® Be Used On?

When you’re researching “BOTOX® and fillers near me” or “BOTOX® and lip fillers near me,” you will find that the muscle-relaxing injectable is commonly used for wrinkles in the upper third of the face—but that it also has many other uses for the face and body. See below for some of the most popular BOTOX® treatments available.

  • Forehead BOTOX® is injected in between eyebrows to reduce glabellar lines and can also soften pesky wrinkles across the forehead.
  • BOTOX® around the eyes softens wrinkles at the sides of the eyes. You can also have under eyes BOTOX® to reduce wrinkles beneath them.
  • Masseter BOTOX® gives the jawline a slimmer, more V-shaped appearance by reducing the size of bulky muscles.
  • Nose BOTOX® treats bunny lines at the sides of the nose that show when you wrinkle or scrunch it.
  • Chin BOTOX® improves creases and dimples on the chin.
  • Trapezius BOTOX® gives the neck and shoulders a leaner appearance.

Aside from these cosmetic uses, there are also medical treatments that involve BOTOX®. Our practice does not offer medical treatments, but it can be helpful to know more about them. Underarm BOTOX® to help control abnormal sweating and BOTOX® for migraines to reduce the pain and frequency of migraines are some of the most popular medical treatments.

What Else Is Available Aside from “BOTOX® and Fillers Near Me?”

Individuals who want to address signs of aging often start by searching for “BOTOX® and fillers near me?” but our South Jersey Skin Care practice also offers other ways of achieving more youthful, radiant skin that don’t involve injectables. Consider laser skin resurfacing treatments, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and microneedling.

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