What Is Nose BOTOX®?


Reduce Bunny Lines That Appear Diagonally on Both Sides of the Nose with Wrinkle-Relaxing Injectables in New Jersey

When your facial muscles contract as you “scrunch” your nose while smiling or laughing, the action contributes to the formation of creases called bunny lines. Like any other expression wrinkles or dynamic wrinkles, these lines are deepened by repeated facial movements in the area, such as wrinkling your nose. Due to how people tend to make unique facial expressions, such as crinkling their nose when they laugh, some are more likely to get bunny lines than others. If you are one of the “lucky” ones dealing with these lines, nose BOTOX® in the New Jersey area at South Jersey Skin Care & Laser Center can help. The injectables is ideal for addressing diagonal wrinkles that appear on either side when you scrunch up your nose, but disappear when you relax your face.


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BOTOX® on the Nose: How Does Nose BOTOX® Work?

When injected into specific areas, BOTOX® prevents the underlying muscles from contracting so that wrinkles can’t form on the surface. The treatment can also address asymmetry caused by overused muscles in the face.

For bunny lines, a small amount of nose BOTOX® can be placed on either side of the nose to make the wrinkles look smoother by relaxing the muscles that cause the skin to bunch in this area.

A “BOTOX® nose lift” is another popular treatment. For a so-called nose lift with BOTOX®, the injectable has the effect of lifting a drooping nose tip by relaxing the muscle that pulls the nasal tip downward. Using BOTOX® for a wide nose or BOTOX® for a nose flare, involves reducing nostril flaring via injections into the sides of the nose. This relaxes the muscles that pull the nostrils laterally.

We can explain more details about the procedure, including nose BOTOX® costs, at a personalized consultation.

Which Cosmetic Procedures Are Available Aside from Nose BOTOX®?

When you perform a search for “nose BOTOX® near me,” you will likely find many other benefits BOTOX® can have for the face and body in addition to nose BOTOX®.

Our practice does not offer medical treatments, but many patients benefit from underarm BOTOX® to reduce sweating from hyperhidrosis and BOTOX® for migraines to help with chronic migraines.

Which Aesthetic Treatments Complement Nose BOTOX®?

While you may be focusing your search on “nose BOTOX® and fillers near me,” our South Jersey Skin Care team offers several other options for enhancing the look of the skin or softening wrinkles aside from nose BOTOX®. Facial fillers like the hyaluronic acid Juvéderm® dermal filler collection, which work by adding volume, are often combined with BOTOX® to provide a comprehensive facial rejuvenation.

Other types of skin rejuvenation treatments—including chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and microneedling—improve the texture and tone of the skin, addressing skin irregularities such as dull skin or uneven pigmentation that can’t be treated with BOTOX® or fillers.

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