What Separates Coolsculpting® from Other Fat Removal Treatments?

When you’re considering ways to get rid of stubborn body fat, the growing number of choices can be overwhelming. Having options is a good thing, but knowing the differences between those options helps patients make the right choice for their lifestyle. Take Coolsculpting® at our New Jersey-based practice, for example. There are a handful of important qualities that set Coolsculpting® apart from surgical procedures like liposuction or a tummy tuck.

Possibly the biggest advantage of Coolsculpting® is the fact that it is a non-surgical procedure. The treatment involves placing cooling panels on the surface of target areas. In a short amount of time, this freezes the targeted fat cells, which will break down and be naturally disposed of by the body over the following weeks. Since there’s no needles or incisions to recover from, patients can jump right back into their work and leisure activities after a Coolsculpting® session. In fact, patients can even browse their mobile devices or read during the session because of the process’ simplicity.

There are certain things to consider in relation to Coolsculpting®, however. Due to the surface position of the cooling panels, as well as how the process works, the treatment is designed for contouring and corrections rather than significant weight loss. It is recommended that patients pair Coolsculpting® with a mindful diet and exercise regimen to adjust areas that retain fat even after the patient has reached their ideal weight.

Coolsculpting® makes up for what it lacks in high volume removal through flexibility. By using a variety of different applicators, the process can target almost anywhere on the body. Whether it’s the thighs, back, belly, or even under the chin, patients can freeze away an average of 20 percent of fat cell volume per session.

Coolsculpting® sessions are flexible for your schedule, too! The average duration for a treatment only takes around an hour, allowing it to fit into virtually any schedule.

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Dr. Robin Levin