Unmasking Daxxify™ Misconceptions: BOTOX® vs Daxxify™

As the cosmetic dermatology field continues to evolve, novel treatment options like Daxxify™ are gaining momentum even as well-established options like BOTOX® maintain their popularity. Whether you’re considering Daxxify™ or BOTOX® in New Jersey, you’ll likely encounter myths about both treatments. In this post, we aim to address some common misconceptions and unravel the facts about these two treatments.

Myth 1: Daxxify™ Will Result in a “Frozen” Facial Appearance

Fact: As with BOTOX®, an undesirable “frozen” look is commonly the result of incorrect injection techniques or excessive dosage made by less-than-ideal providers. Experienced injectors proficient with Daxxify™—like those at South Jersey Skin Care—avoid this by drawing on official training and strategically and precisely targeting the muscles responsible for wrinkles, preserving your natural expressions.

Myth 2: Daxxify™ Treatments Are Excruciating

Fact: Just like BOTOX®, Daxxify™ involves the use of a fine needle to introduce the medication where needed. Patients typically report slight discomfort, similar to a tiny pinch—not pain.

Myth 3: Once I Start Daxxify™, I’m Bound to Continue

Fact: Contrary to BOTOX®, with results that last three to four months, the effects from a Daxxify™ session can last up to six months. Results from both injectables will gradually wear off, returning your face to its original appearance. Though many people happily choose to schedule ongoing “maintenance” treatments, discontinuing use of either product won’t make wrinkles worse.

Myth 4: Daxxify™ Is Solely for Women

Fact: Not true! While the aesthetics field has historically targeted women, Daxxify™, like BOTOX®, is suitable for both women and men. In fact, wrinkle relaxers are being increasingly recognized among men as a beneficial treatment for reducing fine lines and offering a more youthful facial appearance—without erasing other signs of maturity and wisdom.

Myth 5: Daxxify™ Is for Old People

Fact: While older adults often opt for Daxxify™ to reduce signs of aging, its application isn’t restricted to this age group. Much like BOTOX®, Daxxify™ can serve as a preventive treatment for younger adults, potentially delaying the formation of wrinkles in the future.

Myth 6: BOTOX® and Daxxify™ Are the Same

Fact: Despite both being injectable treatments, BOTOX® and Daxxify™ have significant differences. They are made via different manufacturing processes, provide different durations of effects, and require different dosing. They are not interchangeable and should not be treated as if they are.

In conclusion, a consultation at a professional and skilled dermatologist’s practice is paramount whether you opt for BOTOX® or Daxxify™. Choosing an experienced provider assures you’re being cared for by capable hands, receive suitable advice, and get the best treatment for your individual needs.

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Dr. Robin Levin