What’s the Best Way to Care for Your Skin After Fractional Laser Treatments?

Laser treatments use light energy to target different types of concerns that affect the skin, such as wrinkles, uneven texture, and uneven skin tone. They often work faster and provide more dramatic results when compared to other skin rejuvenation techniques. This makes them popular options, but also prompts people to ask: How do you speed up healing after fractional laser resurfacing? Our New Jersey-based South Jersey Skin Care & Laser Center team frequently hears this question from patients who are preparing to undergo laser treatments.

Fractionated lasers deliver light and heat in a pixelated way so that they don’t burn 100 percent of the skin at one time, so they already feature quick healing as a benefit. That said, when you’re considering any laser treatments, it’s best to learn what you can about the pros and cons, along with what recovery time to realistically expect.

Lasers are powerful devices and can provide dramatic results, but the improvements may take some time to show, so it’s important to be patient and keep your expectations in check. Redness, raw skin, swelling, and itching are some of the most common side effects after an ablative, fractional laser treatment. Considering this, here are some tips to help you achieve optimal results from the procedure and manage any side effects:

  • Apply thick, hydrating ointments to your skin
  • Practice good skin care
  • Limit sun exposure as much as possible and apply sunscreen while you’re healing
  • Apply light layers of non-irritating, non-clogging skin products
  • Wash your face twice a day with a mild, gentle cleanser
  • Apply a lightweight moisturizer to your skin several times a day

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Dr. Robin Levin