Pearl™ Fractional Laser

Cosmetic Dermatology

Get Plumper Skin by Promoting Collagen Production with Light in New Jersey

The effects of ultraviolet radiation, gravity, and aging all become more obvious on the skin as time passes. Laser skin resurfacing is one of the most effective techniques for undoing these signs of damage. Pearl™ Fractional Laser at our New Jersey-based practice is an advanced ablative fractional laser manufactured by Cutera.

Pearl™ Fractional Laser refreshes and rejuvenates without the long recovery time associated with traditional laser procedures. That means clearer and smoother skin with less waiting.

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How Does Pearl™ Fractional Laser Work?

Pearl™ Fractional Laser is designed to create smoother and clearer skin while providing the best possible patient experience and a shortened recovery time. The device works by triggering natural collagen production processes to make the skin more volumized from the inside out. At the same time, it uses light to remove damaged skin on the surface.

Fractional laser procedures deliver tiny columns of controlled light to target only small parts (a fraction, hence the name) of the skin at a given time. Each beam creates a tiny channel surrounded by unharmed skin.

Pearl™ Fractional Laser is an especially powerful type of laser treatment that works by creating intense heat in the treatment area to deeply penetrate the skin and encourage collagen regeneration. The energy breaks down and removes hyperpigmented skin cells to allow newer skin cells to be revealed when the superficial tissue peels off.

A Pearl Fractional Laser treatment can also remove dead or damaged skin cells and scar tissue to create a more even texture. It can be used on the entire face as well as the neck, upper chest, and hands. This laser can also be safely used on thinner, more delicate areas of skin that are difficult to treat, such as around the eyes and mouth—where the earliest signs of skin aging often appear.

Who Can Benefit from Pearl™ Fractional Laser?

Pearl™ Fractional Laser is ideal for patients with light to medium skin tones who want to improve skin irregularities such as acne scars, deep wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation irregularities, poor skin texture, facial skin laxity, and sun damage.

What to Expect from Pearl™ Fractional Laser at South Jersey Skin Care & Laser Center

During a Pearl™ Fractional Laser treatment session, it’s normal to feel brief, hot, pinching sensations as the laser works. This is typically well tolerated, especially since a topical anesthetic cream will be applied to the skin before the treatment starts to reduce discomfort.

After a session, the typical recovery time lasts around five days. Some swelling, redness, and other sunburn-like characteristics may develop in the skin. Over-the-counter medications and cold compresses can help with soothing. Some discoloration may persist for several weeks, but the tone will gradually even out.

Everyone’s healing process will be different, but the South Jersey Skin Care team will provide aftercare instructions and tell you more about what you can expect during your own recovery. It’s best to implement a good skin care routine, avoid exposure to UV rays, and take other steps to protect your skin from sun damage (such as wearing sunscreen) while you’re recovering. It will be safe for patients to apply makeup five days after Pearl™ Fractional Laser.

How Long Do Results from Pearl™ Fractional Laser Last?

Noticeable results can be achieved after just one Pearl™ Fractional Laser treatment. It’s important to remember, however, that it takes time for skin to regrow and repair itself. More dramatic results from Pearl™ Fractional Laser are visible after one week, but it may take between one to three months for the ultimate results to appear. The quality of the skin will then continue to improve for up to six months after a treatment.

Also note that while Pearl™ Fractional Laser will give you dramatic and lasting results, your skin will still be affected by normal aging and sun damage as time goes on. Talk to the South Jersey Skin Care team about long-term maintenance to preserve beautiful results.

What Are Some Other Laser Skin Resurfacing Options?

Pearl™ Fractional Laser isn’t the only laser treatment available at South Jersey Skin Care and Laser Center. We offer a full range of laser and light-based cosmetic dermatology procedures, including laser hair removal, Titan laser skin tightening, laser genesis wrinkle reduction, and IPL. Pearl™ Fractional Laser is often combined with other types of laser therapies to optimize results.

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*We are all different! Patient results may vary.