What Are the Benefits of Endolift®?

Exactly what is Endolift®? Our New Jersey-based team at South Jersey Skin Care & Laser Center team knows that patients are always curious about the latest advances in skin rejuvenation, and Endolift® is no exception.

Before we go into how it works, you should first know how the face changes with age. Younger faces are associated with high cheekbones, rounded cheeks, and defined jawlines. Our skin tends to be fuller when we’re younger because of an abundance of collagen. When collagen production declines, our skin becomes thinner. The bone, fat, and muscle in the face also lose density over time, while fat “clumps up” and shifts downward so that the entire face shape changes significantly.

Endolift® is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that involves the use of laser energy to tighten loose skin and melt fat. If you want your jawline and facial contours to look more sculpted, this is an option to consider. The treatment works by heating the underlying layer of skin to stimulate collagen production. It is sometimes described as being a “non-surgical facelift.”

For the process itself, single-use micro-optical fibers that are thinner than human hair are inserted into the skin without the need for incisions or anesthesia.

The laser energy from these fibers creates micro-tunnels that ultimately produce a visible lifting effect. Another benefit of this treatment is that virtually no recovery time is needed, and patients will be able to resume their normal activities just a few hours after their session.

In addition to some improvements seen right away, collagen levels will rise in the skin over the following months, so the results will continue to improve as time passes. This FDA-approved treatment is a non-surgical method for reshaping the middle and lower areas of the face. It can give the chin area more definition, tighten the jowl and neck area, and improve under-eye bags, along with other sagging areas of skin.

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Dr. Robin Levin