Three Skincare Treatments to Pair with Microneedling

If you are in the know about the latest and greatest cosmetic therapies, you are probably familiar with the type of microneedling done at our practice in New Jersey. Essentially, a small device creates many tiny surface injuries in the treatment area. These pinpricks are too small to cause any significant damage, but they do trigger a healing process in the skin that results in the production of new collagen and reduces lines, wrinkles, and scars.  What you might not know is that there are a wide range of complementary treatments with effects that are greatly enhanced when used in tandem with microneedling.

Take microdermabrasion. In this procedure, old and dried-out skin cells are polished away by a diamond-tipped wand. By scrubbing away these skin cells, you create plenty of free “real estate” for the new cells below and the and collagen induced by your microneedling treatment.

You might choose instead to use a chemical peel for exfoliation. Chemical peels typically employ a light acid solution to remove damaged skin while treating acne, age spots, scars, and sun damage. However, when combined with the numerous tiny openings created during microneedling, the chemical peel can penetrate much deeper to target all those stubborn issues.

Last but certainly not least among options to pair with your microneedling are rejuvenating spa facials. While the other treatments covered so far have been about removing old and unwanted impurities, a personalized facial is used to restore all kinds of nutrients that are vital to healthy and beautiful-looking skin. These nutrients may include hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and peptides to boost and moisturize the cells. As is the case with chemical peels, these nourishing elements will all be able to reach much deeper layers following a microneedling treatment.

If you’re curious which of these treatments to pair with your next microneedling session, you can learn more about each procedure from our team at South Jersey Skin Care and Laser Center. Call us at 856-810-9888 or complete an online contact form to request a consultation.


Dr. Robin Levin