Say Goodbye to Excessive Sweating with miraDry!

Hyperhidrosis—also known as excessive sweating—can have a negative impact on our daily lives, causing physical discomfort, emotional distress, and social embarrassment. If you’re tired of shirt stains and constantly reapplying antiperspirants, consider trying miraDry from South Jersey Skincare & Laser Center! In honor of November being Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month, we’re spotlighting the non-invasive treatment as a solution for ongoing underarm sweating, aiming to improve the quality of life for those with the condition.

As a groundbreaking, FDA-approved treatment, miraDry combats stubbornly active sweat and odor glands in the underarm region. By utilizing controlled microwave energy, this device shuts these glands down, leading to a long-lasting decrease in underarm sweat and odor.

The miraDry treatment in South Jersey is a great option for busy people, with the average duration of a treatment lasting about an hour. To maximize your comfort, the underarm area is numbed at the beginning of the process. After this, the device is positioned on the skin to deliver targeted energy that safely shuts down the sweat glands by damaging them so that they can no longer function properly.

Post-procedure guidelines are just as manageable as the treatment itself. The treated area may experience slight swelling, redness, or numbness, but these side effects typically go away within a few days to weeks. Downtime is minimal, and most patients return to their regular activities right away following the treatment. Exercise can be resumed within a couple of days.

There are numerous benefits to miraDry. In addition to reducing underarm sweat, miraDry also decreases reliance on antiperspirants, enabling your skin to breathe. All of this can give you newfound confidence to engage socially and professionally.

It’s important to understand that targeting underarm sweat glands doesn’t impact the body’s ability to sweat or cool down in other areas. Body temperature regulation will continue just fine since only about 2 percent of the body’s sweat glands will be impacted.

Ready to reclaim your confidence by breaking free from hyperhidrosis with miraDry? Enjoy convenience, freedom, and self-assurance with this in-office procedure! Book online with South Jersey Skin Care and Laser Center or call 856-810-9888.

Dr. Robin Levin