MiraDry® for the Hot Yoga Enthusiast

Sweat plays a very necessary role in the human body. Specifically, it is responsible for removing certain types of waste and for temperature regulation, but bad odor, together with soaked-through clothes, is an embarrassing nuisance for anyone who sweats heavily. In more severe, chronic cases, perspiring too much can result in conditions that make irritation, chafing, and infections more likely. South Jersey Skin Care and Laser Center offers miraDry® for their NJ-based patients who want to put an end to such sweat-based problems.

This FDA-cleared device is good for treating patients diagnosed with hyperhidrosis in the axilla (underarm) only—a condition characterized by abnormally excessive episodes of sweating—and for people who are simply bothered by sweating a lot. Perhaps surprisingly, miraDry® can be beneficial for people who want to stay dry, clean, and fresh during their hot yoga sessions. After just two treatments, you may no longer need to constantly hide wet patches under your arms or run out to buy deodorant.

Hot yoga is fun, relaxing, and a great way to improve flexibility and balance. It involves practicing poses in a room that’s typically set to a temperature of around 80 to 100°F. But it can be difficult to de-stress and enjoy the full benefits of a session if you’re uncomfortable and worried about profusely dripping in front of others or staining your clothes.

MiraDry® is a non-invasive treatment that uses microwave energy to target the source of sweat directly, “de-activating” both sweat glands and odor-producing glands under the arms.

The treatment decreases sweat in the underarm areas without interfering with your ability to perspire normally in other parts of the body. Underarm hair can also be a hassle to deal with for cosmetic reasons, and it absorbs sweat, making the problem of odor more difficult to control. Patients who choose miraDry® can also experience less underarm hair, removing this barrier to freshness and allowing deodorants (if used at all) to be more effective.

A miraDry® session is virtually painless, with a recovery time of weeks or days after. In most cases, you’ll be able return to hot yoga classes and other exercise routines within just a few days.

Want to explore your miraDry® options in the NJ area? The South Jersey Skin Care and Laser Center would be happy to answer any of your questions and get you started. For more details, call 856-810-9888 or submit info through an online contact form.