BOTOX® in Your 30s

Thinking of trying cosmetic treatments but unsure of when it’s best to start? There’s no need to wait for lines and creases to become more severe than they are now to try injectables.

BOTOX® is approved by the FDA for patients aged 18 and older. There’s no exact, ideal age to get BOTOX®, but many people believe that their 30s mark the beginning of the cosmetic treatment window. That’s because, over time, collagen and elastin production drops in the skin, while it simultaneously produces less moisture and fewer essential oils, cell turnover slows, and fat pads become thinner. These changes are typically noticeable by the time someone reaches their 30s—around when makeup may start sticking in the lines that are deepening on the face. The amount of sun damage you’ve accumulated, your genetics, and your skin tone will also influence the condition and quality of the skin at this age.

Adults in all age ranges can choose BOTOX®, provided that they are in a good state of health, but they may use it for very different reasons.

This prescription medication can correct signs of aging that have already formed, but some people may not know that it can also delay or stop certain lines from forming in the first place. Injections of BOTOX® at South Jersey Skin Care & Laser Center are used for both prevention and treatment of facial wrinkles.

Because of this, an increasing number of people in their 20s and 30s are taking an interest in BOTOX®, as opposed to waiting for more wrinkles to appear and severe signs of aging to become etched in. Note that BOTOX® is not a one-time solution. In order to continue to enjoy its benefits, patients must schedule routine treatments. Over time, however, less of the injectable may be needed in order to achieve the same results. The goal is to train and weaken the targeted muscles that cause the skin to bunch together so that fewer doses or sessions will be necessary to maintain your appearance later in life. That said, a skilled injector can also help you to avoid over-injecting.

Want to smooth out your own wrinkles? South Jersey Skin Care & Laser Center has everything you need to get started on your journey with BOTOX®. The team will be happy to guide you through it. Call today at 856-810-9888 or submit a contact form to find out more.