4 Little Known Benefits of a BOTOX® Lip Flip

Many patients who come to our New Jersey office for a BOTOX® lip flip are self-conscious about the shape or size of their natural lips. BOTOX® is commonly used in the upper part of the face, around the eyes and forehead, for softening wrinkles—but it also has other, off-label applications for beautifying and adding balance to more areas of the face. Unlike dermal fillers, which have a completely different treatment protocol that involves adding a soft gel to plump lips, BOTOX® is a nerve-signal-blocking injectable we can use to reduce tension in the muscles around the lips. This doesn’t make the lips physically larger, but it does create the impression of a fuller top lip by unfurling it slightly. Read on for four of the best things we have discovered about a BOTOX® lip flip.

  1. Subtle Lip Enhancement

Not everyone who wants lip augmentation is aiming for super-sized, attention-grabbing lips. If you want to avoid the look of overdone duck lips, aren’t ready for fillers, or are already satisfied with your natural lip volume, a BOTOX® lip flip might be preferable. It has a subtle effect on the top lip shape and is not likely to create contours that require more tweaks in order to maintain natural-looking proportions.

  1. Fixing Gummy Smiles

We all want a beautiful, straight smile, but lots of patients are insecure about showing too much of the gum below their upper lip when grinning or laughing. BOTOX® provides a simple alternative to traditional methods of correction, like braces or surgery. A gummy smile is typically associated with overactive lip muscles that make the upper lip curl up excessively. Tiny amounts injected in the elevator muscles below the nose will make the gums less prominent with every smile.

  1. No Downtime Needed

A lip flip is a quick, lunchtime procedure, and there is virtually no recovery time needed after. Surgical alternatives take longer to perform and require healing and recuperation after.

  1. Minimizing Smoker’s Lines/Barcode Lines

It’s common for hyperactive muscles in the upper lip region to contract each time you sneer, sip from a straw, or smoke cigarettes, causing vertical wrinkles. BOTOX® will make these lines less noticeable.

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