Who Would Be a Good Candidate for BOTOX®?

If you want to fight off the blues, feel a little more confident, and give your face a more refreshed appearance, BOTOX® injections are one of the most straightforward techniques to help you put your best face forward this winter. With just a few simple injections, wrinkles in areas such as the forehead and around the eyes become much less noticeable. At the hands of our talented injectors, the results are so natural-looking that most other people won’t be able to tell you’ve even had “tweakments” done to your face, but will simply notice your better-rested, smoother, and more youthful look. Nevertheless, even if someone you know has had success with BOTOX® treatments, that won’t necessarily mean that this is the perfect cosmetic treatment for you—as opposed to a different wrinkle-reducing procedure. Most would assume that because they’re so low-risk, almost anyone could be a great candidate for neuromodulators at our New Jersey-based practice, but the truth is, these wrinkle injections are just one option. Some people respond better to BOTOX®, while others benefit more from a different strategy.

The only way to know for sure which treatment is best for you is to have a consultation with an experienced dermatologist and discuss your medical history and goals. In this post, we explore what it takes to be considered an ideal candidate for these anti-wrinkle injections:

BOTOX® is ideal for someone who is already noticing unwanted wrinkles on the face when making expressions. The treatment is intended for moderate to severe wrinkles that are located in specific areas, and out injectors use it to address forehead wrinkles, frown lines, crow’s feet, lip lines, and bunny lines. It can also treat other signs of aging, such as sagging or asymmetrical brows, neck bands, and chin dimpling. The only signs of aging it will be effective on are those that are associated with facial movements and muscle contractions, such as smiling, frowning, or squinting. It’s also important that the patient is in generally good health and maintains realistic expectations for what can be achieved.

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