Should You Combine Thread Lifts with Dermal Fillers?

Combined cosmetic procedures can often provide more comprehensive results in a shorter amount of time than either treatment would on its own. Normal aging—along with wear and tear from sun exposure, smoking, pollution, and other causes—can often result in the skin losing its elasticity when levels of collagen and elastin decrease as skin fibers are damaged. In the past, the only way of lifting sagging skin on the lower face and cheeks was with plastic surgery, but advanced minimally invasive treatments now allow you to more easily restore youthful facial contours by lifting and volumizing skin. When a PDO thread lift at our New Jersey practice is done in conjunction with dermal fillers, patients get results that are similar to what they would get from a surgical facelift—but with much less recovery time, no large incisions, no general anesthesia used, and virtually no risk of the scars or potentially serious complications associated with more aggressive treatments.

Additionally, some patients want more dramatic improvements for their skin than would be possible by using fillers on their own, but are not yet ready for a surgical procedure. These patients can find a happy medium between the two options by having a PDO thread lift with fillers. To understand why using fillers in tandem with thread lifts works so well, you first need to be aware of how each of these treatments works.

A PDO thread lift involves using specially designed sutures that not only provide a readily visible modest lift for lax skin on the face but also gradually stimulate the skin’s own natural collagen production. The treatment improves the look of jowls, nasolabial folds, and loose skin around the lower face. Facial fillers physically add fullness beneath the skin in areas that are thinning, in order to smooth hollows and wrinkles. While certain fillers can provide a modest lift, most formulations have a primary purpose of adding volume to give the face a softer, rounder, and fuller look.

Since there is not just one single sign of aging that causes a face to look older, choosing treatments to address several changes caused by time and gravity can be an ideal way to create a naturally rejuvenated appearance.

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