Does miraDry® Completely Get Rid of Sweat?

Sweating is a perfectly normal body function, but when you’re perspiring at an abnormally intense level regardless of the activities you’re doing or the weather conditions around you, it can be nothing but a nuisance. If you have frequent episodes of heavy sweating due to an underlying condition, it can not only be embarrassing, but also make navigating everyday life a challenge in other ways. Stocking up on deodorants, wearing heavy layers to hide the moisture stains, and using natural remedies can only do so much. Choosing a sweat-stopping in-office treatment, however, can give you lasting relief from the problem. Non-invasive, FDA-cleared miraDry® does more for New Jersey patients than just control excessive underarm sweating; it also destroys odor glands and unwanted hair that contribute to the problem.

This is an ideal treatment for patients who have axillary hyperhidrosis—the medical term for excessively sweaty armpits. One of the questions our South Jersey Skin Care & Laser Center practice receives most frequently from patients is whether miraDry® will completely stop them from sweating.

The short answer is no, this cosmetic procedure won’t get rid of sweating entirely. However, on average, underarm sweat is reduced by about 82 percent in patients, and odor is decreased by 89 percent in just one treatment session. Studies have shown that the majority of patients are highly satisfied with results. The sweat glands that are destroyed during the procedure will be unable to grow back, which is why the results are lasting.

Patients also won’t need to worry about whether the treatment will interfere with the normal sweating needed for detoxifying the body, bacterial cleansing, and regulating the body’s temperature. This is a healthy, more natural option that uses harmless energy and doesn’t involve applying foreign substances to the skin. MiraDry® only destroys roughly 2 percent of the two to four million sweat glands found throughout the body, so it should not interfere with healthy sweating on other body areas, like the legs and arms.

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