Brotox: What are the Benefits of BOTOX® For Men?

When wrinkles start to become etched into areas such as the forehead and around the eyes, you have the option of either choosing to learn to embrace the change or having a treatment to make the wrinkles look less noticeable and your skin look more youthful. BOTOX® and other similar neuromodulators fix this problem effectively because they target the root cause of the issue: active facial muscles. The injectables work by temporarily reducing contractions by intercepting messages sent between the nerves and muscles, meaning that for several months, a patient can enjoy a smoother, less-wrinkled appearance.

Unfortunately, one of the most common myths about BOTOX® is that it’s only meant for women. Even though the majority of patients who have had this procedure have traditionally been women, the truth is that these injections are effective on any adults who want to rejuvenate their face. South Jersey Skin Care & Laser Center recommends BOTOX® for men in New Jersey who want a more well-rested and younger look with no surgery or downtime and barely any discomfort.

Despite some past hesitancy in connecting men with BOTOX®, there is now less stigma around having this treatment than ever before. An increasing number of men are seeking out this cosmetic procedure—which has been nicknamed “Brotox” when administered to men—and are talking openly about their choice. Indeed, botulinum toxin type A injections are still the most requested cosmetic procedure by men. In 2020, BOTOX® remained the most popular non-surgical aesthetic procedure for men, with more than 260,000 treatments delivered that year, according to statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

Here are some reasons why men are trying this treatment:

Getting a More Zoom-Ready Look

These days, we spend more time than ever looking at ourselves during video calls. It can be frustrating seeing yourself onscreen and noticing lines and wrinkles that you haven’t paid much attention to before. BOTOX® helps you to put your best face forward.

Maintaining Competitiveness

Appearing to be younger than their actual age can help men remain competitive and fight against workplace ageism. Techniques for administering BOTOX® to men tend to focus on giving them a refreshed look that emphasizes their vitality, as opposed to strictly making them appear more youthful.

Making a Good First Impression

Like it or not, modern dating involves a lot of looking at photos online and making quick decisions as to whether the person you’re checking out appears worthy of a chance. Men who want to “put their best face forward” and make as good an impression as possible in a very short amount of time prefer to get their face looking exactly the way they want.

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