3 Lipstick Ideas to Try This Valentine’s Day

There’s no doubt that full lips can make you more attractive to others while giving you a major confidence boost, so it’s no surprise that so many people are interested in having cosmetic treatments to give them a plumper pout. Bigger lips can even have a positive impact on your makeup routine. By defining your lips’ shape and providing more volume to your lips so that there’s more space for you to work, lip injections often make applying lipstick more satisfying. Many patients decide to have lip augmentation because the results are much more dramatic and last longer compared to lip plumpers or lipsticks. If you want the “jazz up” the results of lip fillers even more, there are some makeup tricks that can help you achieve this. Ready to get kissable lips in honor of Valentine’s Day? Consider lip fillers from our New Jersey-based South Jersey Skin Care & Laser Center along with these fun makeup ideas for the perfect pout on the day of love—or any other time of the year.

1. Powerful Red Lips

You can’t go wrong with bold, red lips if you want to draw attention to your smile. The vibrant hue will complete your look with a perfect pop of color. The great thing about this options is that you can keep the rest of your makeup super simple.

2. Subtle and Natural

Want a less dramatic look that’s still chic? Winged liner, mascara, and defined eyebrows, along with nude and beige tones on the cheeks, will make your eyes stand out. Simply add some lip gloss and you’re left with a timeless, glam look.

3. Soft Pink

Hot pink lipstick can sometimes look a little too ’90s, but certain shades of pink give you a fresh, clean look. As a general rule, darker shades of pink are usually more attractive. You can use this splash of color paired with a neutral outfit to brighten up your image.

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