Why Choose Dr. Robin Levin for Juvéderm®?

South Jersey Skin Care & Laser Center Offers the Dermal Filler for New Jersey

A versatile dermal filler, Juvéderm® can be used to smooth out wrinkles and lift sagging facial tissue by restoring volume to hollows. Choosing the best treatment provider for your specific aesthetic needs may seem like a simple prospect, but an expert injector guiding the process can make the difference between an obvious cosmetic change and a youthful transformation with subtle, natural-looking results. When it comes to Juvéderm® injections for New Jersey patients, Dr. Robin Levin's team applies years of experience and training—both medical and aesthetic—to create balance and provide an all-around superior experience.

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A Focus on Juvéderm®

As noted above, Juvéderm® has two main uses, both of which come from its ability to add volume to skin that needs it. One formulation is used primarily for smaller-scale fills, like wrinkles, lines, and creases, and plumping up lips for a fuller look. The other formulation, known as Juvéderm Voluma®, is designed to address cosmetic concerns in a larger area: the apple of the cheeks, which can flatten and droop over time, also leading to sagging lower on the face. Both use hyaluronic acid as the active ingredient, and both offer temporary results.

While you may have heard of what Juvéderm® can do and have an idea of how you would like to see it administered on your own face, the South Jersey Skin Care team is prepared to assess your facial anatomy, skin health, and overall cosmetic goals and develop a plan to help you reach those goals. Your skin care specialist will recognize the most effective way to achieve the look you desire and will know of complementary treatments that can create a more harmonious look. This is because our aesthetic experts have an intimate knowledge of Juvéderm® and how it works alone and in relation to other treatments.

Through it all, the staff maintains a strict focus on patient health and safety, so you can know that your dermatologist-led team is up to speed on the latest techniques and product information to maximize your Juvéderm® results. You will be able to get satisfying answers to questions you have about safety and follow-up care, as well as the expected timeline of results, during your initial consultation.

This will also be the time to get to know your skin specialist, who will be joining you on your transformative journey, whether you are choosing a minimal treatment to get a rejuvenated appearance or are planning an ongoing routine of aesthetic maintenance to keep you looking young and radiant well into the future. A solid relationship with your Juvéderm® provider can actually improve your results, which is why every injector takes the time to get to know the patient, from facial shape and contours to personality.

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